an artic circle

“Face the public” art residency project, in collaboration with Roberto Rodriguez. 2018.

Noticing the unusual number of shops that remain empty on a permanent basis along the Zwartjanstraat / Noordmolenstraat axis in Rotterdam, we started exploring the idea of populating these empty locations on a short time basis with art related activities.

The general idea was to use 3 to 6 available locations (3 to 6), while they remain empty, as a ‘face the public’ residence for artist already living and working in different areas of Rotterdam. The implicit challenge faced by all participating artists is to hold an open workspace and help weave a new layer of activity onto the street by interacting with public, neighbours and other participating artist.

Artists’ residences were planed to be short term, and ready to move on a moments notice were the owner to find a regular tenant for the location in use.

emerging structures

Water cocoons is a temporary low budget system, which communicates between an institution / festival and its audience on a ecological and economical way. Floating and variable in shape, it can be placed on any open water. The installation is a set of octagonal elements that are sewn together and anchored to the bottom of the lake / canal. It can be made in every shape and size. The composition is determined together with the artist.

Each element is a hexagonal cocoon of 25 cm diameter, inspired by a elm seed. The membrane is made of industrial waste. The floating part is the core and consists of a used aluminum can ( 33cl ) or plastic bottle ( 50cl ). These are picked up in the immediate vicinity of the installation area. 2013.

EMERGING STRUCTURE, 350/100 cm, Schiedam 2013.  Photo Harry Schumacher.

One Flag One bag

1Flag1Bag is a collaboration with Roberto Rodriguez.

A flag, a piece of fabric with a distinctive design used as symbol, as a signaling device, or a decoration; in the context of nations, they represent patriotic symbols with varied wide-ranging interpretations, not always fully positive

We collect national flags weathered by the wind on the Boompjes Boulevard in Rotterdam to transform them into singular designer everyday bags.

The project represents a hybrid between a piece of art and a consumer product.

Adding nothing more than thread, we create singular pieces that interpret the colors and patrons of each flag to look its best combined with our design. 

Most shields and coats of arms get intentionally turned upside down as a way to signal our disregard for any nationalistic symbolism that alienates the most benign aspects of local culture they aim to represent.

Once turned bags, their colorful designs put a twist to their original national identities.

The concept is to carry the public along a path of reflection that transforms symbols of collective identity into pockets of personal individuality; the design of the bags and the contents they might carry around in them will always say more about themselves that whatever flag they have been born under.