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Installations in a psychiatric ward of a prison.

  1. HEALING PROCESSES AGAINST ARCHITECTURAL DISCEASE 1, installation, 400/480/240 cm, Rotterdam 2016
  2. HEALING PROCESSES AGAINST ARCHITECTURAL  DISCEASE 2, installation, 400/240/240 cm, psychiatric ward,  Rotterdam 2016


A serie of works created during the long winter of 2012-2013

  1. ARMY 1, installation, ink, paper, 244/244cm, 2013
  2. ARMY 2, installation, textile and seeds, variable size, 2013
  3. BIRD FOR BIRDS, textile, metal, plastics, 120/60 cm, 2013
  4. HERT, textile, metal, 200/100/100cm, 2013

CROIRE À L'ENVERS (the reversed faith)

The reversed faith is an exploration of the relationship between intuition and religious belief. Using the making of artificial idols and reversing the process of worshipping.

  1. HEAD  1/4, paper, textile, plastics, fish scales, 125/125 cm  2011
  2. HEAD  2/4, paper, textile, fish scales, 130/130 cm  2011
  3. HEAD  4/4, textile, leather, 270/140 cm  20114/8  
  4. EX-VOTO, steel epoxy, 260/260/70 cm,  2012
  5. EX-VOTO detail, steel, epoxy, 260/260/70 cm  2012
  6. HEAD  4/4, textile, leather, 270/140 cm  2011


Video (10′) for museum ruim 1op10 at Museum Gouda on a poem of Henri Michaux:  Mouvements, 2009

Video excerpt

MUES (the moult)

MUES is a série of works inspired by “face aux verrous” of Henri Michaux and “la vie materielle” of Maguerite Duras. Poems and lyrics are the starting point of a process of which the images are the remains.

  1. WOOLEN HEAD, wool, metal, glas, beads, nylon 60/40 cm 2008
  2. SLEEPY HORSE, textile, metal, plaster, wood 150/300/50cm 2008
  3. MORT D’UN JEUNE PILOTE ANGLAIS, parachute fabric ww2, textile, plastic bags, 155/70/25cm 2008. Photo Monique Hoffman.
  4. from left to right, CLOTH 2,  textile, plastic, 240/170cm 2008, SLEEPY HORSE, textile, metal, plaster, 150/300/50cm 2008, MUE 1, multiple materials 235/120cm 2008. Photos Monique Hoffman
  5. CLOTH, textile, plactic bags, 215/250cm 2007.  Photo Monique Hoffman

  6. MUE 2, multiple materials 210/150cm 2008