LUCIE HAVEL                                                                                                                           visual artist                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The Japanse knotweed project

During the period of 15 month, the Japanese Knotweed is the base of my work. This plant is known for the problems it causes worldwide. It grows through concrete and road paving and damages foundations, sewerage and infrastructure. It is still nearly impossible to exterminate knotweed and a lot of research is devoted to this subject. This typical case of nature versus culture soon caught my attention, since my work concentrates on issues like this. The goal of this research is to learn to use the knotweed as a material and to apply it in my visual work. Through my art I wish to propose an alternative for our exploitative stance regardingour environment. I also want to use this research to find a new relation between my thought process and the visual art that results from it.

Work in progress.

A dutch landscape

A dutch landscape is a 15 min video, in three static shots, filmed on the brand new beach of Maasvlakte 2 in Rotterdam. About ten Bulgarian workers are working to plant the dune to delay the erosion of the new coast line and so create a new ecosystem.


A dutch landscape, photo from video