_  spa_(the reversed faith)  is an exploration of the relationship between intuition and religious belief.

Using the making of artificial idols and reversing the process of worshipping.

P A S S E R   L A   L I G N E

A short movie 10min for museum ruim 1op10 at Museum Gouda on a poem of Henri Michaux:   M O U V E M E N T S


M U E S (from french, the moult)

M U E S   is a série of works inspired by “face aux verrous” of Henri Michaux and "la vie materielle" of Maguerite Duras.

Poems and lyrics are the starting point of a process of which the images are the remains.

EX-VOTO, steel epoxy, 260/260/70 cm,  2012

HEAD 1/4, paper, textile, plastics, fish scales, 125/125 cm  2011

HEAD 3/4 , textile, leather, 270/140 cm  2011

HEAD 2/4 , paper, textile, fish scales, 130/130 cm  2011

HERT, textile,  130/150 cm  2011

HEAD 4/4,  textile, leather, plastic  270/130 cm   2011

SLEEPY HORSE, metal, plaster, 150/300/50cm  2008

MUE 2, multiple materials 210/150cm 2008

Cacaofabriek Helmond, exhibition vieuw 2008

WOLLEN KOP, wool, metal, glas, beads, nylon 60/40 cm 2008

VITRAGE, textile, plactic bags, 215/250cm 2007

LIED, installatie, cacaofabriek Helmond, papier, textile 550/250cm 2008

MORT D'UN JEUNE PILOTE ANGLAIS, parachute fabric, textile, plastic bags, 155/70/25cm 2008