_Water cocoons is a temporary low budget system, which communicates between an institution / festival and its audience on a ecological and economical way. Floating and variable in shape, it can be placed on any open water .

The installation is a set of octagonal elements that are sewn together and anchored to the bottom of the lake / canal. It can be made in every shape and size.

The composition is determined together with the artist.

Each element is a hexagonal cocoon of 25 cm diameter, inspired by a elm seed  The membrane is made of industrial waste or residual material from Scrap Foundation in Rotterdam.  The underside is made of nylon canvas, the top of plastic foil.

Only one meter foil is needed for 18 cocoons.

The floating part is the core and consists of a used aluminum can ( 33cl ) or plastic bottle ( 50cl ), if necessary sealed with PU foam (we are looking for organic alternatives ). These are picked up in the immediate vicinity of the installation area.

EMERGING STRUCTURES | water cocoons Schiedam 2013 * photo Harry Schumacher


Water Cocoons