Lucie Havel (fr/nl 1973) makes life-size spatial work and objects, which she uses as interrelated elements to create a scene or setting.

In her work she tries to get to the core of what makes an object or a place holy.

She changes the domestic nature of common materials gathered in her direct environment into a ritual one by reorganizing and repurposing them.

The shapes she uses are simple, and the materials recognizable. This makes her work raw, sober and factual.

            E X H I B I T I O N S  :

2017 - Of Rubble and common ground, Neck of the Woods artspace/ Goethe-institut Rotterdam (g)

2017 - Route du Nord, one flag, one bag, pop up store in collaboration with eldorado 3000 Rotterdam nl (g)

2017 - Gast at Borgerstraat OPEN STUDIOS, 8/10 feb., Rotterdam

2017 - Roodkaapje Starter 7/8 feb., Rotterdam

2016 - Roodkaapje Winterwolven, Rotterdam, nl (g)

2016 - Free access | No Inside,  Lucie Havel 's installation/exhibition with the participation of  Petra Laaper, Robert Stroomberg and

            Rabin Huissen, Neck of the woods artspace, Rotterdam, nl

2016 - Route du Nord, Rotterdam nl (g)

2016 - Beeldentuin Ravenstein, Heenvliet nl

2015 - The sweet survival, installation, Lislokaal, Rotterdam nl

2014 - Eldorado3000, A positive post-apocalyptic landscape, Rotterdam nl (g)

2013 - Emerging structures, floating sculptures, Schiedam nl

2013 - Route du Nord, Rotterdam nl (g)

2013 - Binnen een straat van 1000 stappen,  Lisplein 5, Rotterdam nl (g)

2013 - RE-Rotterdam art-fair, re-constructing the way back , Rotterdam nl (g)

2012 - Inspiring spirits, galerie Diana lepelaar, Leiden  (g)

2012 - Haigha, La Rochelle fr  (3d g)

2011 - Duo with Isa D’Hondt, curator Marianne Stevens CJK be

2009 - Passer la ligne, short film for museum ruim 1 op 10 Museum Gouda 

2008 - Mes propriétés cacaofabriek. Helmond nl (solo)

2009 - Ma vie materielle Alliance française, Rotterdam nl (solo)

2008 - Corrosia cbk Flevoland, Almere (g)

2007 - 2003 Galerie Unicaat, Geertruidenberg diverse (duo en g)

2001 - 2002 Vasted angels – centre Les chiroux , Luik (g)

2001 - okt. dec Silo in -  artist united , Amsterdam (g)    


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